Toyota Australia Set to Drastically Improve Wait Times for Top Models, Including RAV4 Hybrid in 2024

Toyota Australia Set to Drastically Improve Wait Times for Top Models, Including RAV4 Hybrid in 2024

Toyota Australia is gearing up for a monumental shift in their vehicle supply dynamics, especially concerning their highly sought-after models like the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid SUV. For customers who've grappled with seemingly endless waiting periods, there's a promising light at the end of the tunnel. Significant strides are expected as these coveted vehicles are slated to arrive in significantly reduced time frames.

The struggle with extended waiting times, particularly for the RAV4 Hybrid—the flagship SUV and a leading hybrid vehicle in Australia—is set to see a remarkable transformation. Previously stretching beyond two years, the wait times are now anticipated to shrink to a promising range of four to six months by the middle of 2024.

Efforts are in full swing at Toyota Australia to address the production challenges that have contributed to these lengthy waits. The company is optimistic about a drastic improvement in vehicle supply, aiming to cut wait times substantially to the targeted range by mid-2024, potentially achieving this milestone even sooner.

Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia's head of sales and marketing, exudes confidence in the evolving supply dynamics. He highlights a significant reduction in wait times since May of the previous year, emphasizing the unwavering commitment of the company to tackle the order backlog. Notably, the RAV4 Hybrid's wait time has been forecasted to drop from two years to approximately 12 months by the end of 2023. Further projections suggest a reduction to eight months by the end of the first quarter of 2024, ultimately aiming for a four to six-month wait time by mid-year.

Prioritizing Customer Orders
Hanley reassures loyal customers who've patiently waited for their vehicles that their orders will take precedence over new orders. However, for the Camry Hybrid, orders had temporarily ceased due to extended wait times. The resumption of orders might align with the introduction of the new model scheduled for the latter part of the year.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by customers placing orders after May 2022, Toyota has restructured its ordering process. This restructuring aims to accommodate those who've been waiting the longest for the RAV4 Hybrid. Customers are advised about potential differences in specifications and pricing compared to their initial deposits.

Stay Informed
This information is based on publicly available sources as of January 2024. It's important to note that wait times and supply predictions are subject to fluctuation due to various factors. Prospective buyers are encouraged to verify the latest information directly through Toyota Australia.

The anticipated improvements in wait times for Toyota's top models, especially the RAV4 Hybrid, mark a pivotal moment for eager customers. While challenges persist, the company's proactive measures offer hope for a smoother and faster acquisition process. As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, prospective buyers are advised to stay updated through reliable sources for the latest information on vehicle availability and delivery timelines.

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